Whether you’ve been an avid basketball player for many years or are looking to become one, the fact is that you will have the same basic needs.

Basic basketball sports equipment consists primarily of a pair of basketball shoes, basketball shorts and a basketball t-shirt.

The basketball shoe

Basketball shoes are not to be chosen lightly and for good reason, it is the basketball shoe that will maintain the foot and prevent injuries. Basketball is a sport that requires a change of support on gestures such as cross over, brutal changes of direction involve the ankles, and it is not for nothing that sprains are frequent.

So you’re going to need good basketball shoes. And while sneakers are also a fashion and it is not uncommon to see people wearing such shoes in everyday life, you should not choose your sneakers on an aesthetic factor. We think for example of Jordan basketball shoes.

Although being a very good brand, not all the shoes in the collection are made for the practice of this sport. What you need to do is above all determine your style of play, in order to acquire the basketball shoe that suits you best, we know that basketball shoes can be very expensive, but you can opt for second-hand shoes in good condition.

Basketball shorts and jersey

Often loaned by clubs for games, it is nevertheless true that you will need it to practice your basketball. Joggings are not pleasant for basketball practice, you will quickly get too hot. Basketball shorts are therefore ideal. As for the jerseys, tradition dictates that they should be sleeveless.

Basketball is one of the few sports where the official uniforms are sleeveless. These can hinder the mechanics of the shoot, moreover, fewer sleeves, it is more ventilation. However recently, the NBA has made a change for the least… revolutionary with the arrival of new “jersey”, those are very tight and have sleeves!

If players complained at the beginning of this revolution, it turns out that these new jerseys are actually very appreciated and comfortable.

The basketball

To go further and practice basketball on your own, chances are you’ll need a basketball. There are also several schools competing against each other, including indoor and outdoor basketball on the playground. This is a criterion to take into account when choosing your basketball. But it is not the only one, we will see the other parameters to consider, such as the weight of the ball for example, or the category in which you play.


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